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Why do you need Digital Marketing? 🤔

Digital marketing is the future of customer relationships. Each of you maybe has different goals in mind, but almost you all are trying to reach more consumers and convince them to purchase. With digital marketing, you get an opportunity to brand your business, promote offers and target a specific audience to get your deal closed.

Whether you are a Multinational company or a small business who don’t have resources like large Multinationals to promote your brand. Digital marketing gives you tools and resources to attract traffic, increase visibility in front of the customers.

As a Digital marketing consultant in Delhi, I would like to suggest below reasons.

Why A Business Needs Digital Marketing:

  • Cost Effectiveness: Digital marketing provides very affordable tools and strategies to business so that they can actually compete with big brands.
  • Conversion: With digital marketing, Businesses can actually measure the percentage of inbound traffic gets converted in terms of Leads, Subscribers, and Sales.
  • Better Revenues: With the help of my sharp digital marketing skills, a well-focused digital marketing campaign actually helps you to generate profitable benefits that you can actually measure. According to various surveys, Search Engine Optimisation and Social media generate 2.8x more revenue.
  • Engagement Power in Your Hands: Digital marketing tools provide customers with actual engagement points and give you the power to analyze what your targeted audience wants.
  • ROI: The key success in digital marketing is to uninterrupted flow to your website. A digital marketing consultant having strong skills in SEO can actually help you to generate traffic in short span of time and in turn ROI (return on investment)

What Services Includes in Digital Marketing?

You Might be wondering if you hire me as your full Digital Marketing Consultant in Delhi than what are the services you will get. I will make it easily understandable for you. In Full Digital marketing services you don’t have to worry about anything for a promotion, you can sit back and relax while watching your business promoted on various online channels. I will handle everything for you from SEO to PPC to Banner designing. You will get one stop solution for your online branding needs. Below are the activities my Digital marketing services include:

  1. Search Engine Optimization: SEO is an integrated marketing process in which I will make sure that your website get noticed in the eyes of Search Engines especially Google and they will rank your website on Top 10. My Search engine optimization technique can help you to skyrocket your website with tons of traffic and helps to find out the right keywords to target to get your customers, that matters.
  2. Social Media Marketing Consulting: Today’s time where everyone owns mobiles gets connected with each other with various social media channels. For any business social media is the easiest and instant way to connect with clients, solve queries or even give customer support. I will spread words about your brands on top social channels like, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. You know your product but I know how to create a story around your product which helps you to outgrow as a brand Which gives you results that matters.
  3. Pay Per Click Consulting: SEO is for long term results whereas PPC is a quick method to acquire leads. You will pay only when someone clicks on ads running over Google front page. PPC helps you to get guaranteed targeted traffic with budget-friendliness. Budget and keywords will be decided by you I will create the PPC account and voila your ads will start running.

How Much Time Does It Take To Get Results?

In Digital marketing while PPC can you give you instant leads whereas SEO and Social Media takes time to generate any revenue. It takes a minimum of 6 months to show any results through SEO & Social media to 1 year depends upon competition.

Who Are My Clients?

Being in Digital Marketing Consulting Services and having 9+ years of experience I have been worked with individuals, startups, and businesses not only in India but across the globe.

How Can We Discuss About Our Digital Marketing Requirements?

You Can get in touch me on email or Click here to if your budget is 25,0000+. If you are based in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon or Faridabad, we can meet and discuss your project in detail.

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